Bukittinggi Prison Head Attends Red Onion Harvest Activities at Alahan Panjang Class III Prison

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Public RelationsLabangun – Head of Bukittinggi Prison, Mr. Herdianto, attended the invitation and took part in the red onion harvest activity which was held at the Class III Alahan Panjang Prison on Friday, February 2 2024.

This activity, which was initiated by the Class III Alahan Panjang Prison, aims to strengthen cooperation between correctional institutions in supporting agricultural programs in prisons. The red onion harvest is a momentum that is used as a symbol of the success of the agricultural program which has been implemented with full dedication.

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In his speech, the Head of the Bukittinggi Prison expressed his appreciation to the Class III Alahan Panjang Prison for its success in implementing the agricultural program. “Activities like this not only build the independence of correctional institutions but also provide positive opportunities for prisoners to develop new skills and undergo productive rehabilitation activities,” said Mr Herdianto.

The harvest activity was attended by structural officials, prison officers and prisoners who were directly involved in agricultural activities. All parties looked enthusiastic and actively participated in the harvest process, creating an atmosphere of togetherness and joy.

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Apart from strengthening cooperation between correctional institutions, this activity also aims to motivate prisoners to be involved in positive and productive activities. The agricultural program in prisons is not only an effort to achieve independence, but also a means of creating a conducive rehabilitation environment.

With the red onion harvest activity, the Class III Alahan Panjang Penitentiary and the Class IIA Bukittinggi Penitentiary hope to be an inspiration for other correctional institutions to continue developing sustainable agricultural programs to support the rehabilitation of inmates. J.R

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