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Demak – Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia, Edward O. S. Hiariej, conducted a series of Working Visits at the Technical Implementation Unit within the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Central Java. Prof. Eddy, his nickname, started his series of visits today (Thursday 4/8) at the Demak Class IIB Detention Center. The Wamenkumham delegation was accompanied by the Head of Regional Office, Head of Administration Division, Head of Corrections Division, and Head of Immigration Division, as well as other ranks of the Central Java Ministry of Law and Human Rights regional offices. Arriving at the Demak detention center at around 10.00 WIB, the group went straight to the public service room where several services were being carried out for the community. Among them are the registration process for face-to-face visits, as well as goods storage services. Continuing their review at the Demak Detention Center, the group continued to tour the residential blocks and greet the inmates, health clinics, online visiting service rooms and wartelsuspas, as well as food processing in public kitchens. The Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights gave his comments about the Demak Prison as well as appreciating the cleanliness of the Demak Prison. “Demak detention center looks good, neat, and clean”, he praised. After walking around, the Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights and his entourage took pictures with the Demak Rutan staff then continued a series of working visits to the city of Pati. Met after the visit of the Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights, Karutan Demak, Riski Burhannudin expressed his gratitude for the implementation of the working visit of the Indonesian Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights to the Demak Demak Detention Center. “On behalf of myself and the leadership, I would like to express my gratitude and highest appreciation to all ranks of Demak Rutan officers for the active implementation of the Kunker, Mr. Wamenkumham RI. May Allah SWT record it as a pious practice for all of us, Demak detention center is always in a conducive, safe, and controlled condition and under the protection of Allah SWT, Amen, “he said.

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