Food Storage Service H-1 Lebaran, Visitors Burdened in Sukabumi Headquarters intervened

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Eid Al-Fitr is a big celebration that is a moment of victory for all Muslims. This moment of victory was achieved after Muslims were fasting by struggling to control their passions and various evils in the month of Ramadan.
Class II B Correctional Institution Sukabumi continues to open Food Storage l Service even though it is a holiday before Takbiran night (1/5/22).

This goods and food storage service is a substitute for face-to-face visits which currently cannot be carried out due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Goods and food storage is carried out in the Sukabumi Prison Integrated Service Room.

"We want this Eid al-Fitr moment to be felt by them, even though they are serving a sentence in prison, this is our obligation and real proof of our excellent service," said Christo

Furthermore, Kalapas conveyed that this food and goods storage service will also be carried out on May 2, 2022 to May 5, 2022 with 2 sessions, the first session at 09.00 WIB to 11.00 WIB and the second session at 13.00 to 15.00.

"For this afternoon the food and goods storage service has 135 queue numbers for people who leave food. We do this service because we want the inmates to be able to taste the food from their families. Therefore, we are willing to postpone holidays and return home to gather with family for the sake of Our Fosters.

In addition, the Head of Sukabumi Prison, who is familiarly called Christo, immediately intervened in inspecting goods and food in order to smooth and speed up the inspection due to the unusually large number of visitors and rainy weather conditions, but not only inspecting the Sukabumi Kalapas, he also provided education to service users about regulations for the storage of goods and food services.
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