Karutan Sambas Reminds All Staff to Anticipate Disturbances in Kamtib by Preparing Security Facilities and Infrastructure

oleh -1548 Dilihat

Sambas – Anticipating disturbances to the security and security forces ahead of Lebaran, the Class IIB Sambas detention center in West Kalimantan performs maintenance of the electricity network and checks generators. Saturday/30-04

This is following up on the direction of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Komjen. Pol. Andap Budhi Revianto related to inspections (electricity, water, computers and so on) ahead of Joint Leave and Eid Al-Fitr 1443 H/2022 M.

Karutan Sambas, Priyo Tri Laksono, accompanied by the Head of Subdivision for the Management of the Sambas Detention Center, Angga Prayuda, inspected the electricity network and checked generators directly to ensure preparations.
Karutan Class IIB Sambas, Priyo Tri Laksono explained that the inspection of the electricity network and checking of generators was carried out routinely, not only before Eid al-Fitr, including replacing electrical network facilities or infrastructure that were no longer suitable for use and installing lighting. to support security in detention centers.

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“We directly check the facilities and infrastructure in the office, such as lighting, electricity networks and generators, because when there is a power outage from PLN, this generator can function properly,” he explained.

He also ordered all staff before the holidays, for staff when leaving the office to check the electricity supply to computers and other devices so that they are turned off, so that they can avoid things that are not desirable. Then for the security department when there are problems, such as water problems in the block so that they are immediately addressed as soon as possible, considering that so far it has been using drilled well water, so that the water machine is also monitored and controlled for use, for generators so that diesel reserves are available, so that when needed when -time is ready to be used, “he said,

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“By preparing and inspecting facilities and infrastructure, such as electricity and water, it is hoped that it will support the implementation of tasks, especially the security department so that it will prevent disturbances to the security and order, so that a safe and conducive Sambas Rutan will be created,” he concluded.

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