Monitoring Services and Security Conditions of Rutan During Lebaran 1443 H, Head of Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of East Java Visits Gresik Rutan

oleh -7123 Dilihat

Gresik – Head of the Corrections Division (Kadivpas) of the East Java Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Teguh Wibowo, visited the Gresik detention center to monitor service and security conditions during Eid Al-Fitr 1443 Hijri, Thursday (5/5/2022).

This second visit, the graduate of Akip Batch 21 accompanied by a structural official at the Gresik Rutan immediately visited the goods storage service center, the video call service room continued to see the condition of the security level and cleanliness of the residential block during this H+4 Eid.

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During his tour of the detention center, the Head of Divpas appreciated the staff of the Gresik detention center for remaining professional and alert in carrying out their duties during Eid al-Fitr this time, so that goods or food storage services run in an orderly manner and the condition of the residential block remains safe and clean.

“Maintain and further improve security and accuracy in carrying out their duties, especially in searching items entrusted to them to avoid the entry of prohibited items and keep the residential block environment clean, because the health of the inmates begins with the cleanliness of the environment itself,” said the Head of the Division of Civil Service (Humas Rutan Gresik).

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