Tausiyah Ramadhan by Ustadz Abdurrahman and KH. Muslim Jaffar to the Inmates of the Central Jakarta Detention Center

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Jakarta (29/04) – Ahead of Eid al-Fitr, the detention center received a visit from Ustadz Abdurrahman and Caretaker of the Taklim Council Baitus Silmi. This visit is in order to fill out Tausiyah to the inmates in the Detention Center. Together with the Head of the Rutan and his staff, the activity was carried out at the At-Taubah Mosque, Central Jakarta Rutan.

In his tausiyah it was conveyed “kun fayakun which means Be! , then it happens. In this halfway house we are all obliged to always do good to others especially in the Holy Month of Ramadan to keep reminding each other of the obligation to pray 5 times and try to be on time. Thank God for every process give in our lives”, explained Ustadz Abdurrahman in his lecture. Ustadz gave reinforcement to the inmates to always be grateful and always draw closer to Allah SWT to continue to carry out worship properly.

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This activity was directly supported by the Head of Security and his staff to maintain a conducive environment. In addition, this Ramadan tausiyah is a form of attention from the detention center to the inmates, especially reminding them in terms of religion.

“Thank you to Ustadz Abdurrahman and KH. Muslim Jaffar as Caregivers at the Baitus Silmi Taklim Council for visiting and giving tausiyah to our fostered residents,” said Fonika Karutan, Central Jakarta.

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