Visit Banyuwangi Prison, Dirkeswatrehab Ditjenpas Appreciates

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BANYUWANGI – The working visit of the Director of Health, Care and Rehabilitation of the Directorate General of Corrections Muji Raharjo in East Java continued to Banyuwangi Prison, Thursday (6/5/2022) night.


During the visit, Muji was greeted directly by the Head of Banyuwangi prison, Wahyu Indarto and all structural officials of the Banyuwangi prison.


Even though at night, Muji, who had previously made a working visit to several Correctional Units in East Java, seemed enthusiastic about reviewing several service facilities at the Banyuwangi Prison.


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The visit was carried out to ensure that the services provided by the Banyuwangi Prison, especially in the fields of health, care and rehabilitation for the inmates have been running according to the standards that have been set.


In the area of ​​the visiting service room, Muji was impressed by the arrangement of the service area which, according to him, adds to the neatness of the service area, and of course can make service recipients feel comfortable when visiting Banyuwangi Prison.


When conducting a review in the clinic area, Muji hopes that the medical staff will always provide excellent service to the inmates. In fact, if there are supporting facilities that do not yet exist, they must immediately submit an application to the Directorate General of Past.

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“Just submit it, we will monitor it later, if it is felt that it is really needed, we will help with the procurement,” he said.


Muji also shifted to reviewing residential blocks, he was also not awkward in dialogue with several inmates to provide enthusiasm and motivation so that the inmates carry out coaching activities well.


The man who once served as the Head of the Banten Penitentiary Division ended his visit at the Banyuwangi Prison by reviewing the kitchen area. He appreciated the cleanliness of the Banyuwangi prison kitchen and hoped that the current conditions would continue to be improved.

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“This kitchen must always be kept clean, so that the food intake distributed to all inmates remains sterile,” he concluded. (Public Relations Banyuwangi Prison

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